Month: June 2021

Casey Thomas Gamer Diet Nutrition Nootropics and Fueling the Brain

    Lance Wantenaar: [00:00:00] Good evening everyone. I’ve got another fantastic interview to today and I’ve got Casey Thomas with me. Casey is involved in a bit of a unique area, which is e-sport nutrition. Now, before we start getting into the nitty-gritty of the e-sport nutrition, the reason why I decided. Casey on … Read more

James Bargeron Motivational Speaker and Mindset Coach

James Bargeron Lance Wantenaar: [00:00:00] Good morning. Thank you for coming on and thinking like a genius podcast, James. So I’m going to start with an introduction just to get a bit of a background on yourself and a bit of your, your history and just to introduce people to use. So you are James … Read more

Jodi Cohen Using Essential Oils To Heal Brain Fog and Body

jodie-cohen-interview Lance Wantenaar: [00:00:00] Jodi good morning to you. And thank you for coming on the thinking like a genius podcast. I’m. Actually very pleased to have you on as a guest, because it’s not a topic of interest or an area of interest that I’ve had a chance to investigate yet. So what I’ll … Read more

Karen Darke Paralympian, The Periodic Table and Quest 79 creator

Karen Darke Paralympian and quest 79 Creator Lance Wantenaar: [00:00:00] Good evening listeners. Welcome to the thinking like a genius podcast episode. Today’s guests that I’ve got with to me is Karen dark, who is a Paralympian, a gold medal winner, MBE and also somebody who I’ve really actually fascinated to find out a bit … Read more