Month: July 2021

Brian Fanzo ADHD Superpowered Girl Dad of 3 Creator of MisFit Mafia

Brian Fanzo Lance Wantenaar: [00:00:00] Welcome everyone to the thinking like a genius podcast episode. I’ve got the privilege of speaking to Brian. Fanzo also known as I social fans. I came across Brian on clubhouse. And Brian is a birth of a firecracker to say the least. He is a very energetic individual and … Read more

Graham D Brown Artificial Intelligence Deep Fakes Storytelling Blue Traffic Lights and Banksy Street Art

Graham Brown interview Lance Wantenaar: [00:00:00] Welcome to the thinking like a genius podcast episode. And today I’ve got a really interesting guest with me. I’ve got. Graham brown. Who’s the owner of the pickle podcasting agency. And he’s also an author of a number of books. And he’s got an interesting topic, which I … Read more