The podcast that brings you the latest in psychology, neuroscience and brain health every week.

My name is Lance Wantenaar. I am a cybersecurity professional with a background in networking and telephony and formerly infrastructure. Basically a tech geek. I love MotoGP and Valentino Rossi is the most admired rider.

Topics we discuss

The podcast covers a host of topics with the focus on thinking but leaning heavily on psychology, neuroscience, physiology and nutrition. This is all with the goal of revealing or understanding how I think and how these principles can be applied in life to get lasting change.

The latest advancements in neuroscience and cognitive technology.

How good is technology and giving you the edge.

How to incorporate the latest principles in your personal life and how these can be used in your business.

Goals of My Podcast

I explore better ways of interacting and learning which can improve how we think.

To inform, inspire and educate our audience on psychology, neuroscience and explore some difficult topics or questions.

The following guest have been featured;

I strive to continuously improve my podcast and deliver the best content

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