My name is Lance. I am a cybersecurity professional with a background in networking and telephony and formerly infrastructure. Basically a tech geek. I love MotoGP and Valentino Rossi is the most admired rider.

Yes, this is me finding a “The Doctor” fan in Sri Lanka. Not the fastest of vehicles but the coolest tuk-tuk in my opinion.

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I have also had a long time fascination with psychology and thinking. This has lead to what I am currently working on long term which is thinking.

It sounds strange as everyone thinks.

My question was how? The why, where, what all came next.

These are questions a lot of people have asked and pondered. I am having fun figuring this out for myself. Along the way, I started seeing some interesting patterns. This lead to a Medium post on CEO email fraud.

How I came to this fork in the proverbial path in life was a question I asked myself to figure out why was I being stupid. The purpose was to figure how I thought. Why did I repeat certain behaviours and mistakes? I was also curious what made certain habits successful. What were the drivers in those behaviours.

The process itself is a culmination of a number of years of self education in fields from marketing, web design, science, neuroscience, nutrition, psychology, social engineering, cognitive psychology. These are but a few of the topics I have been reading up on.

My goal is to learn how to think BETTER!

Part of this journey of learning is to teach others.

There is a good reason for this. I get to know the topic better. Part of my learning process I developed more skills in public speaking. Recently I spoke at two Information security forums on BEC CEO fraud and I presented at NextSec on how social engineering is used in CEO fraud emails.