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Jodi Cohen Using Essential Oils To Heal Brain Fog and Body

jodie-cohen-interview Lance Wantenaar: [00:00:00] Jodi good morning to you. And thank you for coming on the thinking like a genius podcast. I’m. Actually very pleased to have you on as a guest, because it’s not a topic of interest or an area of interest that I’ve had a chance to investigate yet. So what I’ll … Read more

Karen Darke Paralympian, The Periodic Table and Quest 79 creator

Karen Darke Paralympian and quest 79 Creator Lance Wantenaar: [00:00:00] Good evening listeners. Welcome to the thinking like a genius podcast episode. Today’s guests that I’ve got with to me is Karen dark, who is a Paralympian, a gold medal winner, MBE and also somebody who I’ve really actually fascinated to find out a bit … Read more

Alison Blackler Podcast Interview

  Lance Wantenaar: [00:00:00] Good morning, everybody. Thank you for listening to the thinking like a genius podcast. I’m quite pleased to have Alison Blacklear on as a guest today, Alison has just published her book, which is called path traveled, how to make sense of your life. And we are going to dive into … Read more

Beating Brain Fog Symptoms Causes and Cures

On the page is the link to the free download which is yours to keep and share with other people. You won’t need an email address to get the download as I wanted as many people as possible to download and share the document. I am asking for your feedback and can be reached on … Read more